Fallen Angel

by Echo Torres

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(1,2 1,2 1,2)(1,2 1,2 1,2)

Look, I said
No one ever promised me that love would be forever,
And neither of us thought that we would ever last together
But i fell hard, and got used to seeing that pretty face
Before I knew what happened I was caught up in the chase
You would call me yours, and I would call you mine
But everybody knows that even feelings fade with time and
Goddamn, i would have never fell so hard,
If I knew without your light that this world could be so dark
So now i'm searching, tryna' find my heart a purpose
Because this empty feeling got me feeling kinda' worthless
Never thought i'd be here, punchline to a bad joke
The man was broken, so the next time that he spoke
He stated that his chest had frozen over,
And from that day forward, He'd be a MOB nigga, never sober
Started calling women bitches,
Disrespectful, burning bridges, all the scars left after stitches
From the wounds left by that fucking hoe
Fuck love, I'm all about my fucking dough
Counting my money, steady as she fucking go
Over and over i heard, Why you gotta be so cold,be so cold
Peep it, I been down this road before
And when you lose yourself the souls always the first to go
Who you gonna' be without your soul?
A cold and heartless man that neglects everything except the gold
Never one did i look back,
Wouldn't let myself fall victim to that trap
'Cuz i know that you'd have me in a second,
And the next you'd leave me breathless
Know that once before i was a fool, young and reckless
Fell for all your tricks and believed that it was genuine
Didn't your mama ever teach you when you cheat you never win?
But that's alright, 'cuz we both lost the game now
Only one life, and you chose to lay it all down
For what? What did you gain?
'Cuz now the whole block know your dirty name
Smooth criminal, that's something that you ain't
Not subliminal, but relieving in a way
Because, it wasn't me, it was you
Rest assured that my words were always true,
Shoulda recognized the deception in your tone,
Sometimes i wonder how you're doing on your own,
And do you think of me when you're constantly alone,
And do you wish that you could still call me your own?
Because I ain't even thinking 'bout you
You the last thing on my mind,Gotti Livin, Diamond Life
And it's a shame, I don't feel a damn thing
When I see the tears of a girl I used to call Queen
I gave you my damn world,
But you were selfish and you wanted the whole world
So you did this to yourself,
I won't feel sorry, you feel sorry for yourself
I don't think you understand the position that you put me in
What happened to focusing on us? Did you forget your Ritalin?
Played me for a fool and thought you had the game beat
Time passed, i'm okay, you walking on the same street
How does it feel to know you had it and you lost it?
Hope you know my pain and that you feel it often
And it's your fault, you're the one that made me heartless
Even if i wasn't I might still hate you regardless
But hates a strong word, maybe i spoke too soon
Now you know what it's like under that blue moon,
Playing the the blues, now with nothing to lose
If you went back, would this still be the path that you choose?
I think not, now that these lessons are taught
No paradise for a sinner, this is hell where you rot
Seated to the right of Satan, constantly debating
Whether or not my hopes and dreams 'shoulda been taken
Despite that, I still pray that you ain't forsaken
Because even fallen angels have the chance to be awakened
Chance to be awakened
Even fallen angels have the chance to be awakened
I still pray you ain't forsaken,
Even fallen angels have the chance to be awakened
(1,2 1,2) (1,2 1,2)
(Hip Hop)


released February 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Echo Torres Salinas, California

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